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California Stalking Laws

Stalking is a very serious issue, and it is illegal in every state. However, California has a few unique concerns regarding stalking, as California is home to many celebrities from film, music, and professional sports. Celebrities are common targets for obsessive stalkers, but the reality is that anyone can potentially face stalking. Stalking is most… read more

Foster Care in California

The foster care system in California helps find suitable homes for children who cannot remain with their birth parents or prior caregivers. Foster parents act as interim guardians for children placed for adoption until the children find suitable permanent homes. Some foster parents choose to adopt the children in their care as well. It’s important… read more

Divorce rate in Oceanside higher than entire state, but why?

Though most people do not plan for a divorce when they get married, they do know that it can happen to anyone, at anytime. But despite this fact, there are certain states and even cities here in the United States where divorce happens at a higher rate than in other places. And one such place… read more

Q & A: Can I take a friend or family member to my initial consultation?

Yes. Having someone present during your initial consultation can be a source of great support. You might ask your friend or family member to take notes on your behalf, so you can focus on listening and asking questions. Remember, however, that this is your consultation and it is important that the divorce attorney hears the… read more

Q & A: What unfamiliar words might an attorney use at the first meeting?

Law has a language all its own, and attorneys sometimes lapse into "legalese," forgetting that nonlawyers may not recognize words used daily in the practice of law. Some words and phrases you might hear include: Dissolution of marriage: The divorce Petitioner: Person who files the divorce petition Respondent: Person who did not file the divorce… read more

Q & A: I’m afraid I can’t make it through court without having an emotional breakdown. How do I prepare?

Any hearing or trial can be highly emotional. You will need to draw on your support network. Additionally, some of these ideas may help you through the process: Meet with your lawyer before your court date, so she can prepare you for court. Ask your lawyer whether there are any documents you should review in… read more

Q & A: I am still so angry at my spouse. How can I be expected to sit in the same room during a settlement conference?

If you are angry at your spouse, it may be beneficial to postpone the settlement conference for a time so that you can participate meaningfully in settlement negotiations. You might also consider seeking counseling to support you with coping with your anger. Another option is shuttle negotiations. With this method, you and your attorney remain… read more

Q & A: What types of custody are awarded in California?

Custody of the children may be held by both parents (joint custody) or by one parent (sole custody). Additionally, California distinguishes between physical and legal custody: If a parent has sole legal custody, that parent has the exclusive right and responsibility to make decisions about the health, education, and welfare of the child. If a… read more

Q & A: I’m afraid my spouse is going to drain our bank accounts and leave me with nothing. What can I do?

Upon the filing of a divorce action, the automatic temporary restraining orders (ATRos) immediately take effect. The purpose of the ATROs is to maintain the status quo, and to prevent either spouse from taking all the money out of the bank accounts, or disposing of other assets, while the divorce is pending. Once the respondent… read more