Contacting Our Law Firm

Our dedicated team is ready and willing to diligently and zealously pursue your matter.Our general business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Our telephone and fax number is 415-834-1120. You may also contact us via email.

Should you be unable to reach one of us, please feel free to leave a message with any member of the staff or, if you are calling outside of normal business hours, with our answering service.

Please note that all appointments are scheduled by prior appointment only. We are generally unable to accommodate walk-ins.

Our experience has been that most matters which truly necessitate emergency evening discussion are matters which involve concern for one’s physical well-being, or the physical well-being of minor children. If there is a genuine emergency of this nature, the best procedure is to promptly and directly phone the police department. The police can immediately respond, contact court officers to obtain emergency temporary orders, arrest individuals, and work to restore the peace. If you do involve the police in your matter, please be sure to contact us soon thereafter so that we can be made aware of the development.