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Court finalizes child custody for J-Lo and Marc Anthony

When singers Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony separated in July 2011, many knew that one of two things would happen next: the couple would either reconcile their differences or their marriage would dissolve. But when Anthony filed for divorce in April 2012, it became clear what the couple had decided was best for their situation.

While some people questioned how the couple would split their million-dollar fortune, people like our California readers wondered what would happen to the couple’s children. Would the couple settle the issue of child custody amicably or would it turn into a contentious dispute laden with lengthy litigation?

The answer is sort of a mixture of both really. Though the ex-couple does appear to have settled the custody issue amicably, it was by no means a short process. It wasn’t until this month that a Los Angeles Superior Court judge finalized the couple’s joint custody agreement for their twin, 6-year-old children. So what was the arrangement that took so long to make?

Reports indicate that Anthony and Lopez will both share custody of the children with Lopez getting a majority of the time. Anthony will get the children at least seven days a month, according to the agreement. And because of both singers’ financial situations, it was also agreed that neither parent will have to pay child support or spousal maintenance.

While a large number of our readers won’t have to worry about this next problem, another agreement made by Lopez and Anthony highlights one of the many decisions divorcing parents can make that can be in their children’s best interest. For Lopez and Anthony, as part of their agreement, they agree to do whatever it takes to shield their children from the prying eyes of the public.

Source: Fox News Latino, “JLo, Marc Anthony’s Divorce: No Child Support And Kids Shielded From Press,” June 19, 2014