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When it comes to alimony, having a good lawyer is a good idea

For many couples across the nation, money causes a majority of marital issues. Whether it’s concerns about paying bills on time or arguing about a spouse’s spending habits, these disputes can leave spouses angry and frustrated and possibly even wondering if they will ever be able to resolve their issues peacefully.

But as some of our San Francisco readers can tell you from firsthand experience, money issues aren’t exclusive to marriage. In fact, dividing assets is considered by some to be one of the most contentious parts of the divorce process. Not because either spouse is greedy but because they want to make sure that they are able to support themselves financially after a divorce. An unfair distribution of assets might jeopardize this desire.

One way to ensure financial security after a divorce is with alimony. In past posts, we have talked with our readers about how alimony is calculated here in California and if the IRS requires you to claim these payments on your taxes. Now, we are going to explain why having a lawyer can help considerably when requesting alimony payments.

Alimony, as you can imagine, can be a sensitive subject to approach because you are in essence asking your spouse to continue supporting you financially even though you are no longer married. But this is necessary is some situations, such as in cases where one spouse has not needed a job for awhile and is ill-equipped to reenter the workforce right away after separation.

Because of the sensitivity of the subject and the complexity of California’s laws, seeking guidance from a skilled lawyer is considered a good idea. Their experience with family law matters means they are well suited to handle just about any dispute, including who should make alimony payments, and typically know the best way to resolve the issue so that both parties are satisfied in the end.