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Hotel on east coast offers divorce weekend packages

There are two things that most people consider to be a constant when divorce enters the mix: 1) that the separation process will more than likely turn contentious at some point and 2) that is could take years before a divorce is finalized. For a lot of our California readers, these two factors are less than ideal and oftentimes avoided with the help of a lawyer.

But as some of our San Francisco readers may have heard, a hotel in Saratoga Springs, New York called the Gideon Putnam Resort and Spa is offering couples an expedited divorce that may save couples time, money and stress.

Thanks to a partnership between the hotel and a company called DivorceHotel, couples who want to separate pay a flat fee that covers not only the hotel bill but the divorce process as well. Instead of a traditional divorce proceeding, which oftentimes involves the intervention of lawyers, the process offered at this particular hotel uses a mediator who helps facilitate the divorce process over the course of three days. As a recent CNN article explains, this saves couples time and money in the long run.

It’s important to note, however, that this particular method of divorce may not be for everyone, especially for those of our readers who have particularly difficult property division situations or those who are already experiencing serious contentions. In situations such as this, it may be more beneficial to go with the traditional route for divorce. Even though it might take more time, with the help of a lawyer, at least you will know you are coming to a resolution that is in accordance with the law.