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What is a Marvin action?

Our readers who were around back in the 1970s may remember a case that made headlines, not to mention legal history. It also introduced the word “palimony” into the lexicon. Thanks to a 1976 California Supreme Court ruling, a woman named Michelle Triola Marvin was allowed to sue for financial support from
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Why is timely filing of a support order modification essential?

During a divorce, spousal support is determined based on a number of factors. However, the income and assets of both spouses are generally a prime consideration. The same is true when domestic partners break up and one is ordered to pay support to the other. However, many things change in people’s lives
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How is spousal support determined in California?

Determining what must be paid in spousal support is one of the main factors in a lot of California divorce cases. How is the judge going to decide what needs to be paid out? First, the judge is going to look at a number of key factors. These include, but are not
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Why are only 3 percent of alimony recipients men?

As a nation, we’ve made important strides in gender equality. Women have become an essential part of the workforce. In 40 percent of all U.S. households, women are the breadwinners. However, there is one significant area where there is still a great deal of gender disparity — alimony. According to the U.S.
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When it comes to alimony, having a good lawyer is a good idea

For many couples across the nation, money causes a majority of marital issues. Whether it’s concerns about paying bills on time or arguing about a spouse’s spending habits, these disputes can leave spouses angry and frustrated and possibly even wondering if they will ever be able to resolve their issues peacefully. But
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How is alimony calculated in California?

If you’re like many of our San Francisco readers then you are probably going through the divorce or separation process and are looking for some answers to your most pressing legal questions. One of the questions you may have on your mind is one that is asked quite frequently: how is alimony
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Are you required to claim alimony on your taxes?

Even though marriage signals the coming together of two people and divorce signals a separation, both events do have one thing in common: change. Many of the things that happen during marriage often happen in reverse for couples going through divorce like separating assets instead of conjoining them or moving away from
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