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Child Custody

The benefits of parenting agreements in child custody cases

Most people think of child custody as just one in a number of divorce-related issues. Like asset division, child custody can be seen in a “win-lose” paradigm, where each divorcing spouse is trying to get as much of the pie as possible. However, when this approach is taken in child custody matters,
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Understanding legal and physical custody in California

When you go through a divorce in California, custody decisions are going to have to be made regarding your children. While some people think of custody as a single thing that has to be established, the reality is that there are two different types. The first is legal custody, and the second
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Court finalizes child custody for J-Lo and Marc Anthony

When singers Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony separated in July 2011, many knew that one of two things would happen next: the couple would either reconcile their differences or their marriage would dissolve. But when Anthony filed for divorce in April 2012, it became clear what the couple had decided was best
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Child custody disputes: the messier side of divorce

If you’ve ever gone through a divorce or know someone who has then you know how stressful this life event can be. Complicated issues and name calling can turn what could have been an amicable separation into an all-out war. Many times, the animosity felt between spouses during a bitter divorce never
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