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How Natural Disasters Can Impact Divorce

As we approach the final weeks of 2021, Californians are all too familiar with the risk of wildfires during this time of year. CAL FIRE reports our state’s ongoing series of wildfires have burned more than 3 million acres across the state in the past 11 months. The destruction of lives and
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The Pandemic’s Impact on Marriage and Divorce

Over the last 18 months, we’ve all been through cycles of feeling exhausted and raw, stressed and scared, grieving and just trying to get through each day. And that affects our marriages and families. If your marriage has struggled or fallen apart during this challenging time, you’re not alone, and you may
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How to Recognize an Emotional Affair

Infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce. According to the American Psychological Association, it’s the reason for the split in 20-40% of all divorces, and some studies rank it as the 2nd most common cause. But does cheating always mean having a sexual relationship with someone outside the marriage? Can
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Divorce Litigation Funding- What You Need to Know

Divorce is the most significant financial transaction of most people’s lives, so it’s critical to have a plan to pay for it. Many people are not prepared for the fees when they file for a divorce, including the cost of mediation, parent education classes, counseling sessions, and forensic accounting. A contested divorce can
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The Impact of Marital Abandonment

Marriage can be an exciting journey for many, but it can lead to a very bumpy road for others. There are times when relationships hit a breaking point. Problems arise, communication breaks down, and the urge to walk away can feel intense. In the end, having your spouse walk away from your
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When Your Divorce Is Going To Trial—What To Know And How To Prepare

Even in the best circumstances, divorce is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. It’s challenging and emotional to sort through thorny issues like custody, support, and division of assets when there’s already much strain between spouses. Yet only about 5% of divorces end up going to trial. Litigation is stressful,
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Divorce Journalist Interviewed SFLG’s Debra Schoenberg About Why High Net-Worth Individuals Retain a Private Judge

Divorce Journalist Ilyssa Panitz interviewed SFLG’s Debra Schoenberg about why celebrities and other high net-worth individuals would retain a private judge in a custody dispute. Hollywood A-listers Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie remain embroiled in a highly contentious custody battle for five of their six minor children. Now their fight is focused
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Signs You Are in a Toxic Marriage

Marriage can be a blessing, but it can also come with its highs and lows, and when arguments begin to cause severe problems in your marriage, it could be a sign that your relationship may need help. While disagreements about money and children are common in marriage, lack of trust, living in
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