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Divorce Journalist Interviewed SFLG’s Debra Schoenberg About Why High Net-Worth Individuals Retain a Private Judge

Divorce Journalist Ilyssa Panitz interviewed SFLG’s Debra Schoenberg about why celebrities and other high net-worth individuals would retain a private judge in a custody dispute. Hollywood A-listers Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie remain embroiled in a highly contentious custody battle for five of their six minor children. Now their fight is focused
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Signs You Are in a Toxic Marriage

Marriage can be a blessing, but it can also come with its highs and lows, and when arguments begin to cause severe problems in your marriage, it could be a sign that your relationship may need help. While disagreements about money and children are common in marriage, lack of trust, living in
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Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) and Divorce: What You Need to Know

Many Bay Area companies, especially tech companies based in Silicon Valley, compensate business executives and highly skilled employees through deferred compensation methods such as restricted stock units (RSUs) that vest over time, to attract and retain top talent. As RSUs become a more common type of compensation, they can also become a
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The Trauma of Divorce—Is it PTSD?

When it comes to life’s most stressful situations, divorce ranks second only to the death of a loved one. Divorce is one of the most challenging things you can go through, and in some cases, it can be genuinely traumatic. In recent years, there’s a growing awareness of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).
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Appraising Personal Assets in a Divorce

The division of marital assets is one of the top priorities in a divorce. Whether you or your former spouse decide to sell the marital home or any personal assets you two may own, you will first need to establish a fair market value. Many divorce proceedings require the appraisal of personal
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Marriage, Money, Manipulation—Recognizing Financial Abuse

Financial abuse doesn’t get as much attention as physical and emotional abuse and is not as commonly understood—but a study by the Center for Financial Security at the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that a startling 99% of domestic violence cases involved some form of financial abuse as well. Financial abuse is insidious
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Private Judges—Are They Just for the Rich and Famous?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s contentious divorce has made headlines numerous times in the nearly five years since Jolie first filed in late summer 2016, citing “irreconcilable differences.”  Though their marriage was officially over in 2019, certain divorce matters —including child custody—were still being finalized.  Now they’re in the news again. The ongoing custody
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How to Minimize the Effects of Divorce in Your Career

Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences one can go through due to the changes it brings to your everyday life and the range of emotions you experience.  Not only can divorce affect your personal life, but it can also affect your career. While many adopt the ‘leave it at the
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Do Mixed-Orientation Marriages Always End in Divorce?

Mixed-orientation marriages, a marriage between partners of different sexual orientations, are becoming more visible throughout society. “Love is always complicated,” writes best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert in the biographical memoir Eat, Pray, Love. That book chronicled the end of her first marriage and the start of her romance with her second husband. But
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Bankruptcy and Divorce— It’s (Almost) All in the Timing

Financial strain is often cited as one of the main reasons marriages fall apart. Along with infidelity, addiction and irreconcilable differences, money woes are a leading cause of divorce in the United States. So, it’s not unusual for a couple to be facing both divorce and bankruptcy. Both are emotionally loaded, and each brings its own weighty
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