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Q & A: Must I tell my lawyer embarassing things about my marriage?

If your divorce attorney needs information about your marriage, it is important to communicate that information, even if you find it embarrassing. You are not mandated to disclose any information, but if you withhold information from your attorney, then he or she cannot adequately counsel you or prepare your case based upon
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Q & A: What is an ex parte court order?

An ex parte order is generally one made on an emergency basis. Notice is not necessarily required, and the judge often issues orders on the paperwork submitted alone, without a formal hearing. With the exception of abuse-prevention restraining orders, judges are reluctant to grant ex parte orders. Ordinarily, the court will require
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Q & A: Telling The Children About your Divorce

Q. I’m unsure about how to tell our children about the divorce, and I am worried I’ll say the wrong thing. What is the best way? A. The manner in which you talk to your children about the divorce will depend on their ages and developmental stages. There is no one best
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Psychology and the role it can play in property division

If you’ve ever held a conversation with the opposite sex and found yourself muttering the phrase, “you just don’t get what I’m saying,” you’re not alone. That’s because, whether you realize it or not, men and women have very different ways of communicating — much to the frustration of the opposite sex.
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Child custody disputes: the messier side of divorce

If you’ve ever gone through a divorce or know someone who has then you know how stressful this life event can be. Complicated issues and name calling can turn what could have been an amicable separation into an all-out war. Many times, the animosity felt between spouses during a bitter divorce never
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