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Prenuptial Agreements

The Basics of Prenuptial Agreements

The fascination with celebrity breakups is never-ending, and the divorce between reality star Kim Kardashian West and music mogul Kanye West is no exception. This high-profile divorce has many speculating about the split, including the financial aspect, after both celebrities reached billionaire status this year. According to Forbes, Kim and Kanye have
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How Should I Discuss a Prenup with my Fiancé?

A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract that states the stipulations of a divorce, should one occur in the future. Most couples who have prenups sign them prior to getting married. Prenups do not mean a couple plans on getting divorced. It is simply a form of protection one spouse may want
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Jessica Simpson’s lack of prenup reportedly cost her

Sometimes, the decisions made during a divorce, whether by the court or the parties involved, can still sting years later. Singer Jessica Simpson, who has become a hugely-successful entrepreneur, recently lamented her costly divorce from husband Nick Lachey 10 years ago. The former pop star once appeared in a hit reality show
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Common mistakes made with prenups

You may think of your prenup as your safety net. It means that you’re not going to lose your money and assets if you and your spouse split up. It protects you and allows you to enter the marriage without any nervousness or concern. However, people make a lot of mistakes with
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Do you have to sign the prenup your spouse gives you?

It has been said before on this blog that prenuptial agreements can be incredibly useful legal documents because they help ease tensions during divorce by taking care of property division ahead of time. But as we have also said before, prenups aren’t for every couple, meaning just because one couple wants a
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4 tips for negotiating a prenup with your partner

The idea of discussing a prenuptial agreement with your partner probably leaves you feeling uncomfortable at best. Prenups, however, are not what they once were. Today, many couples in California — not just the wealthy — turn to the contract as a way to not only protect their assets, but also to
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Should I put my pup in my prenup?

If you’re one of our more frequent readers, then you probably understand just how beneficial a prenuptial agreement can be in a California divorce. Prenuptial agreements, as you may well know, allow divorcing couples to easily work through what is considered to be one of the most contentious parts of the process:
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Enforceable prenuptial agreements require experience

For anyone in California who is considering marriage, the thought of a prenuptial agreement might come to mind at some point. If this thought does occur, it might be an indication that an agreement is needed. Having to approach your future spouse with this might prove to be rather difficult simply because
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