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Property Division

Practical Tips on Getting Through a Divorce

Written by Debra Schoenberg October 7, 2019 Marriage is a beautiful union until things turn sour. Marriage takes a lot of work, and sometimes things don’t go as planned and you find yourself going down a bumpy road of separation from your spouse. The divorce process is a complicated and stressful situation,
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What Does “Community Property State” Mean?

The phrase "community property state" describes the way property is defined and divided during divorce. You will likely hear the phrase often during the process of dissolving your marriage. This term refers to you and your spouse's equal, undivided interests in and to all of your marital property. All property accumulated by
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Do you need a forensic accountant in your divorce?

A forensic accountant sounds like a character in one of the CSI series to most people. However, they are increasingly used by couples with considerable assets who divorce. These accountants can help determine exactly what assets a spouse has — both personal and business. A forensic accountant can determine exactly what investments,
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Tips for Downsizing

With the high cost of real estate in California, many residents decide to downsize after a divorce. The family residence can be too costly and difficult to maintain on one income. That’s why it’s not uncommon for people to opt for an apartment or condo after they split up. A smaller residence
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Knowing the limits of marital property

When people talk about marital property, which will need to be divided when you get divorced in California, they often talk about it in a very general sense. Anything that was purchased or acquired during the marriage is marital property, no matter who bought it, who used it, or who thought of
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How will Jen and Ben split their property?

The latest celebrity split is no doubt one that makes a lot of people sad. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced that they are divorcing after 10 years of marriage. Sources say that the split is amicable and that the Hollywood power couple, who has three children between the ages of 3
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Don’t forget about your retirement assets

Divorce can have a significant impact on your finances, including your retirement goals. Despite your retirement plans, getting divorced will result in your retirement assets getting divided according to California laws.  The thought of splitting your retirement assets with your soon-to-be ex can be difficult to accept. However, understanding how your assets
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Artists and their artwork while going through divorce

All property division cases are different. Marital property acquired early in a marriage has a different significance than property obtained later on. More importantly, we sometimes wrongly take for granted that certain type of property is not subject to property division conducted throughout a divorce. This includes artwork that one spouse or
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