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San Jose, CA Child Custody Lawyer

Determining custody and visitation of children can be one of the most crucially important aspects of family law. It is often the most sensitive, delicate topic of a San Jose divorce, with a significant impact on the lives of both parents and children.

California state law dictates that courts ultimately make a judgement with the best interests of the children in mind. However, this can often conflict with the needs of the parents, leading to contentious decisions that can quickly sour an amicable divorce.

If you are involved in a custody dispute or a have children and are facing a divorce in San Jose, please contact Schoenberg Family Law, P.C. immediately to discuss your case. Our compassionate legal professionals understand the seriousness of your situation, handling your custody issues with the delicacy and importance you deserve.

We Sympathize with All Custody Issues in San Jose, CA

The experienced lawyers of Schoenberg Family Law, P.C. advise residents of San Jose and surrounding cities in Santa Clara County. We understand that discussions of custody can be highly contentious, so we approach all proceedings with open communication and transparency in mind. We assist those in the separation process with all custody-related issues, including:

We want the best outcomes for both you and your children, ensuring their health and safety are prioritized above everything else.

Determining Child Custody in San Jose, California

The state of California acknowledges a distinct difference between physical custody and legal custody.

  • Physical custody refers strictly to the parents’ rights to have their children live with them.
  • Legal custody refers to custody in the eyes of the law – the rights of parents to make crucial choices regarding the general welfare of their children.

Within each type of custody, a parent can have joint custody or sole custody. Custody is shared equally between both parents in the former, while one parent has sole responsibility in the latter.

Coming to a Child Custody Agreement in San Jose

Due to the large number of custody possibilities within these options, it can often be difficult for parents to come to a consensus arrangement. When this happens, California law states that both parents must undergo mediation in an attempt to resolve any conflicting opinions. If the parents cannot come to a full agreement, a judge may be ordered to make that decision instead.

Mediation can be an exhaustive process that is often stressful and emotionally taxing. At Schoenberg Family Law, P.C., our compassionate child custody attorneys can give you invaluable counsel through the mediation process. With our mix of experience, knowledge, and compassion, we strive to act in you and your children’s best interests.

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If you are experiencing issues or disputes regarding your child custody agreements, please contact the legal professionals at Schoenberg Family Law, P.C. today to discuss your case. For more than 30 years, we have provided advice and counsel for clients in San Jose and throughout Santa Clara County.

We understand how tumultuous and emotionally charged the custody process can be, and we do our best to act with you and your child’s welfare in mind.  We are respectful of your needs and maintain an open line of communication to ensure there is full transparency on our end for peace of mind.

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