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What things are my child support payments going towards?

As many of our California readers will agree, particularly contentious divorces have a way of sowing the seeds of mistrust between ex-spouses. This can create problems down the road, especially if one spouse is ordered to make spousal support or child support payments. Here in California, much as is the case in
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The benefits of parenting agreements in child custody cases

Most people think of child custody as just one in a number of divorce-related issues. Like asset division, child custody can be seen in a “win-lose” paradigm, where each divorcing spouse is trying to get as much of the pie as possible. However, when this approach is taken in child custody matters,
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Is a will affected by divorce in California?

Even with all the information on the Internet, a lot of people are still caught off guard by all the things they have to consider when it comes to the divorce process.  That’s because every person’s marriage is different, meaning every divorce is going to be a little different from the next
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Understanding legal and physical custody in California

When you go through a divorce in California, custody decisions are going to have to be made regarding your children. While some people think of custody as a single thing that has to be established, the reality is that there are two different types. The first is legal custody, and the second
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Why are only 3 percent of alimony recipients men?

As a nation, we’ve made important strides in gender equality. Women have become an essential part of the workforce. In 40 percent of all U.S. households, women are the breadwinners. However, there is one significant area where there is still a great deal of gender disparity — alimony. According to the U.S.
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Psychology and the role it can play in property division

If you’ve ever held a conversation with the opposite sex and found yourself muttering the phrase, “you just don’t get what I’m saying,” you’re not alone. That’s because, whether you realize it or not, men and women have very different ways of communicating — much to the frustration of the opposite sex.
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Questions you might not think to ask during property division

Property division. Considered to be perhaps the most contentious part of any divorce, this step in the dissolution of a marriage forces couples to seriously think about what assets and debts should be considered separate property and what should be considered community property. This includes big decisions that divorcing spouses might not
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