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San Francisco DNA Paternity Testing Attorney

When the identity of a baby’s father is in question, a genetic test will quickly and definitively provide the answer. The putative father can volunteer to take a DNA test, or a judge can compel it.The Schoenberg Family Law Group, P.C., can help you prove or disprove paternity. We can counsel clients on arranging a DNA test and any barriers that might arise. We can also assist in related matters, such as establishing child support or establishing visitation or custody. Our San Francisco firm represents unmarried parents in family courts throughout the Bay Area.

Establishing Parentage Through Genetic Testing

DNA testing is so accurate and reliable that it is almost never challenged. The California courts do not require any other evidence of parentage.

  • If someone claims you are a child’s father, request a DNA test, so you can be sure. Sometimes, mothers intentionally or mistakenly identify the wrong sexual partner as the father. From a legal standpoint, it is difficult to “unclaim” a child once you have assumed parenting responsibilities, even if you later discover there is no biological relation.
  • If you believe you are a father, but the mother disputes your paternity or refuses to share custody, a DNA test is the first step toward asserting your parental rights.
  • If you are a mother, and your child’s father denies any relationship or obligation to the child, you may need an order for a DNA test so you can establish and enforce child support. If this becomes necessary, we can help you secure that court order for genetic testing.

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A DNA test is simple. The hard part is working out custody, visitation, parenting plans and child support, especially if you only had a brief dating relationship and/or parted on bad terms. Our lawyers practice exclusively family law and have extensive experience with these scenarios. To discuss DNA paternity testing,
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