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The Role of Mediation

At the Schoenberg Family Law Group, we are deeply committed to resolving cases outside of court when a favorable outcome for our clients can be achieved. While our attorneys are principally litigators, we seek to resolve all cases short of a contested trial. A resolution which is the product of mutual compromise is often more satisfactory to our clients and their opponents than an outcome reached at trial, and is often more cost-effective. We promote the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation and other judicial or quasi-judicial settlement conferences.

Although we promote and applaud mediation and other forms of ADR as an alternative or companion to contested litigation, the attorneys at our firm are not trained in mediation nor do we offer such services to our clients. We work with our clients to ensure that they are aware of the availability of mediation and other forms of ADR and, in appropriate cases, encourage our clients to utilize such services; however, we are not equipped to provide mediation services to our clients.

Although we are not trained as mediators, in every case that we handle, we utilize negotiation and settlement techniques with the goal of reducing the amount of contested litigation and reaching a favorable outcome without the necessity of a full trial.

“I was very pleasantly surprised how comfortable I felt dealing with Ms. Schoenberg. She not only was clear and honest yet also respectful of my needs. She at first asked if my situation could be handled with mediation to save cost and then after hearing my specifics suggested and gave a few names of excellent mediation folks. I do wish you also have the same experience in this difficult time and if you talk with Ms. Schoenberg I believe it will be the least difficult it could be. Should my situation go downhill I will use Ms. Schoenberg to handle all the rest of my legal needs!”

— D.W. (See more testimonials.)

Solid Legal Advice For Mediated Divorce

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