U.S. Jobs with the Highest Divorce Rates

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Though two people might love each other, certain situations prompt partners to consider the adage that “sometimes, love is not enough”. Though this is a sad sentiment, sometimes life obstacles and bad timing decimate relationships that could have been successful in alternative situations. One huge factor that impacts the longevity of a relationship is either spouse’s job. The job that an individual chooses has the potential to drive a wedge in between spouses for reasons like travel, time spent at work, and infidelity prompted through a spouse’s specific vocation that lead to divorce.

What jobs cause divorce the most?

  1. Gaming Managers – 52.8% divorce rate

Gaming managers are individuals that manage different workers in casinos. Because gaming managers don’t work directly on the floor, they have the opportunity to float around the casino. This means they have access to large amounts of alcohol and gambling opportunities, which often prove tempting when work gets hard. Mixing work woes with alcohol and gambling is a destructive combination that often implode marriages.

  1. Bartenders – 52.7% divorce rate

Bartenders meet many new people each day. Though many careers involve talking to others, bartenders make money by listening to life stories, getting to know others’ interests, and flirting. It isn’t a secret that many bartenders score larger tips by being especially nice to individuals of the opposite sex. Problems arise when a bartender’s own love life issues, or ambiguous relationship status, become a topic of interest. Shared information between individuals, especially when the conversation is personal in nature, often fosters a connection. This can lead to having an affair.

  1. Flight Attendants – 50.5% divorce rate

Flight attendants illustrate the fact that consistent absence breeds distance between partners. Similar to issues surrounding military deployment, spouses left at home or traveling abroad face issues loneliness and a lack of intimacy. Though long distance communication is possible, it often isn’t gratifying enough to foster long-lasting relationships. Moreover, having a stressful job that involves dealing with frustrating customers creates a sense of stress that impacts any relationship. The impact that high-stress jobs have on long distance relationships is markedly worse because it impacts the quality and frequency of communication between partners.

  1. Gaming Services Workers – 50.3% divorce rate

Unsurprisingly, game services workers make the list for jobs that most often result in divorce. Game services workers face similar issues to game manager. Working in a location where alcohol and gambling are in excess, hurtful decisions are often abound. Moreover, with the clientele that game workers often serve, the question of infidelity can also become a factor that results in divorce.

  1. Rolling Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders – 50.1% divorce rate

Rolling machine workers are those that help shape plastics and metals. They have the highest divorce rate in comparison to other factory workers, mostly in part due to financial stress. When the sole income for a family household comes from a job shaping materials, oftentimes the family barely receives enough money to survive off of. This puts pressure on the factory worker and stress on the spouse that has to make due for their children at home. Moreover, the hours a factory worker must accept just to pass by financially prevents both partners from spending quality time together.

  1. Switchboard Operators – 49.7% divorce rate

Switchboard operators accept and direct calls for a living. This job isn’t extremely lucrative, posing similar financial issues that factory workers face. Financial stress is a large contributor to divorce because it not only causes tension surrounding paychecks, but it also prevents spouses from spending quality time together. Moreover, switchboard workers often speak to many different people every day. Though it might not be a contributing cause, talking to different people often leads to thoughts wondering what life would be like in different relationships.

Divorce happens for a number of reasons, and sometimes a spouse’s job can exacerbate certain factors that might not have become an issue if their job was different. This is just one example of how circumstance can tear apart two previously loving individuals.

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