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After The Holidays Comes…Divorce?

by Debra Schoenberg It’s the start of a new year, the time where people take on New Year’s resolutions which may mean eating healthier, hitting the gym, and for others, filing for divorce. According to a report by the New York Times, January has earned the nickname “Divorce Month” due to it
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Revenge Porn in Divorce

by Debra Schoenberg The world of divorce can be a messy and scary place and once the love is gone, it can become a nasty fight. A recent scandal involving a former U.S. House Representative’s resignation highlights a problematic issue that is not often talked about. Revenge porn is the act of
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Tax Reform Will Have Big Impact On Divorce

The new tax law passed by Congress in late 2018 and signed into law by President Donald Trump does a lot of things. For example, if you’re fortunate enough to leave behind a huge estate, your heirs will now get the first $10 million tax free. In addition, the corporate tax rate
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‘Do It Yourself’ Divorce Is full Of Risk

“Do-it-yourself” divorce apps and programs for preparing and processing forms have become more popular. While DIY divorce may turn out fine in some cases, it’s full of risk. If your divorce is simple (because it doesn’t involve kids, neither side is seeking alimony or support and you basically agree on how to
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Navigating the Holiday Minefield During a Divorce

By Debra Schoenberg  Thanksgiving just passed and now Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years are just around the corner. For divorced or separated couples that means tension, drama, arguments, and more. Children of divorced parents already face a number of challenges, and the holidays only complicate matters further. Even for couples not battling
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Risks and Types of Child Abuse and Neglect

Child abuse and neglect are terrible crimes that impact thousands of children around the U.S. Child abuse is a tragedy that can lead to serious short- and long-term effects on a child, from physical injuries to emotional trauma. If you are someone in a position to potentially help a child, such as
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Signs of Child Abuse in Parental Custody Agreements

A custody agreement can be a matter of contention in many divorce cases. Most parents, however, want what is best for their children – even if that means compromising on parenting time or giving up some holidays. In some families, however, the sad truth is that a parent may not want what
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