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How to Balance Parenting Roles Post Divorce

Divorcing parents should understand that while the role of being a spouse ends after the divorce, the role of being a parent continues and any parenting decisions that are made between you and your ex regarding the kids can affect them for years after the divorce. According to the American Academy of
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Why You Don’t Want To Represent Yourself During Divorce

Once you have decided that divorce is the right path, your first step is finding the right lawyer for your needs. For some, it can seem like a time-consuming and intimidating process, and opt to represent themselves in their case. Perhaps this is not your first divorce, or you and your spouse
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Why You Need an Advocate During a Divorce

By Debra Schoenberg Divorce is one of life’s most difficult and stressful events that require steady guidance and support. You’ll likely encounter no shortage of unsolicited advice from friends, family, and even well-intentioned strangers who more often than not, offer inaccurate information. As our lives are increasingly lived online, you may also
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How to Establish Paternity in California

Paternity is a major subsection of family law in California. Every day, people file cases with the family courts in California seeking to establish parental rights, challenge paternity, contest a child’s adoption or modify a child support order. Cases involving paternity disputes can be difficult to handle alone. Luckily, you have the
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How to Get an Uncontested Divorce in California

The ease of your divorce case will depend largely on whether it is contested or uncontested. An uncontested divorce is the most desirable kind, as it allows a couple to get a divorce without going to trial. While an uncontested divorce is not possible for everyone, most couples try this route before
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How to Talk to Children About Divorce

For parents confronting divorce, one of the first challenges you’ll face is how to talk to your children about the impending breakup. Family separation is a highly emotional experience for everyone, especially children who may feel shocked, sad, or angry. By offering support and patience, you can help your children navigate the
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Who Gets the House in a California Divorce?

A common point of dissension during a divorce case in California is, “Who gets the house?” Your home is where you have made memories, grown as a family and put down your roots. You might have put a lot of money, time and work into your home. It is natural to want
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Relocating after Divorce During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has many people facing uncertainty in their jobs, careers, as well as their personal lives. According to recent news reports, the coronavirus has spread rapidly across California and is most prevalent in the Bay Area and Southern California counties. The rapid spread in recent months has led more people
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Relationship Got Rocky Over Quarantine? 

Lockdowns, shelter-in-place orders, and quarantines related to the COVID-19 pandemic have led many couples to their boiling points. Time trapped together at home can exacerbate existing problems in a relationship, as well as create new ones. If you and your spouse have been arguing more during quarantine, you are not the only
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