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3 Myths About Alimony in California

You may have heard horror stories and dramatic exaggerations about alimony on television shows or movies, but now you’re facing a divorce case of your own and wondering what to really expect. Many myths and misperceptions surround alimony, or spousal/partner support. It is a type of financial support one spouse may have
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How Is Child Support Calculated in California?

Questions of child support among divorcing couples can be both complicated and taxing. California has set a minimum child support guideline to make sure the distribution of money between parents is fair. This amount comes from an equation determined by set factors. The purpose of the guideline is for children to receive
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What to Include in a Fair Parenting Plan

Most divorce proceedings that involve minor children require a document called a parenting plan. This serves as a roadmap for parents following a divorce – it might include responsibilities for each parent, provisions for a child’s education, his or her religious upbringing, and more. Learn how to create a fair parenting plan
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The Hurdles of Same-Sex Divorce in California

A divorce is never an easy prospect. Though everyone experiences some degree of difficulty, both logistically and emotionally, following a divorce, same-sex couples face unique hurdles. Learn how same-sex divorces work in California – and what you can expect from a proceeding. The Legalities of Same-Sex Divorce California was among the first
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Is Spanking Considered Child Abuse?

In 2016, an estimated 676,000 children suffered abuse and neglect in the United States, and 1,750 children died as a result. Entrusted with the children’s safety, Child Protective Services (CPS) serves more than three million children each year. With more than 30 years experience practicing family law in California, Schoenberg Family Law
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Do Sperm Donors Have to Pay Child Support?

Scientific estimates regarding artificially inseminated births vary widely. They reportedly range between $30,000 – $60,000 each year in the US. There are intricate legal ramifications that can arise from artificial conception – specifically related to parental rights and financial obligations the law requires. With more than 30 years practicing family law in
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