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Did Bitcoin make it easier to hide assets in a divorce?

Over the last year the term Bitcoin entered the lexicon of languages the world over when federal investigators shut down an Internet black market known as the Silk Road. It’s because of this that Bitcoin often conjures up images of illegal activity such as Ponzi schemes and drug sales. But now bitcoins
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Child custody disputes: the messier side of divorce

If you’ve ever gone through a divorce or know someone who has then you know how stressful this life event can be. Complicated issues and name calling can turn what could have been an amicable separation into an all-out war. Many times, the animosity felt between spouses during a bitter divorce never
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Will ownership of Clippers be affected by Sterling divorce?

As many of our San Francisco readers know, there are many things that can complicate divorce proceedings. Everything from child custody battles to arguments regarding spousal support can lead to contentious litigation. But perhaps the most problematic is business ownerships between married couples. When a couple divorces and it’s time for property
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