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Enforceable prenuptial agreements require experience

For anyone in California who is considering marriage, the thought of a prenuptial agreement might come to mind at some point. If this thought does occur, it might be an indication that an agreement is needed. Having to approach your future spouse with this might prove to be rather difficult simply because
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How is alimony calculated in California?

If you’re like many of our San Francisco readers then you are probably going through the divorce or separation process and are looking for some answers to your most pressing legal questions. One of the questions you may have on your mind is one that is asked quite frequently: how is alimony
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3 biggest myths about prenuptial agreements

Imagine for a moment that you and your significant other have just gotten engaged. Over the course of making plans for your wedding though, the topic of drafting a prenuptial agreement comes up. Your soon-to-be spouse is nervous about signing such an important legal document and with good reason. The law can
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Are you required to claim alimony on your taxes?

Even though marriage signals the coming together of two people and divorce signals a separation, both events do have one thing in common: change. Many of the things that happen during marriage often happen in reverse for couples going through divorce like separating assets instead of conjoining them or moving away from
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What is a prenuptial agreement?

Before getting married, some couples may have the conversation about drafting and signing a prenuptial agreement. But in some cases, this can go over about as well as wearing a Los Angeles Clippers jersey to a Lakers game. That’s because, even though prenuptial agreements are useful legal documents, they coincide with a
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What should I know about child support modifications?

Were you ordered by the court to pay child support to your ex-spouse? Has your situation changed since the order was made? If you said yes to both of these questions, then you might be considering a child support modification. But just like so many of our readers, you might have some
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Court finalizes child custody for J-Lo and Marc Anthony

When singers Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony separated in July 2011, many knew that one of two things would happen next: the couple would either reconcile their differences or their marriage would dissolve. But when Anthony filed for divorce in April 2012, it became clear what the couple had decided was best
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Now trending: #socialmediaprenups

The discussion about a prenuptial agreement is considered a sore subject for many soon-to-be couples because these legal documents force people to consider the dissolution of their marriage before it has even begun. But as some of our California readers know from personal experience, these documents can be incredibly useful tools during
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