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Q & A: What is an ex parte court order?

An ex parte order is generally one made on an emergency basis. Notice is not necessarily required, and the judge often issues orders on the paperwork submitted alone, without a formal hearing. With the exception of abuse-prevention restraining orders, judges are reluctant to grant ex parte orders. Ordinarily, the court will require
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Q & A: Telling The Children About your Divorce

Q. I’m unsure about how to tell our children about the divorce, and I am worried I’ll say the wrong thing. What is the best way? A. The manner in which you talk to your children about the divorce will depend on their ages and developmental stages. There is no one best
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What Does “Community Property State” Mean?

The phrase "community property state" describes the way property is defined and divided during divorce. You will likely hear the phrase often during the process of dissolving your marriage. This term refers to you and your spouse's equal, undivided interests in and to all of your marital property. All property accumulated by
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Do you need a forensic accountant in your divorce?

A forensic accountant sounds like a character in one of the CSI series to most people. However, they are increasingly used by couples with considerable assets who divorce. These accountants can help determine exactly what assets a spouse has — both personal and business. A forensic accountant can determine exactly what investments,
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Jessica Simpson’s lack of prenup reportedly cost her

Sometimes, the decisions made during a divorce, whether by the court or the parties involved, can still sting years later. Singer Jessica Simpson, who has become a hugely-successful entrepreneur, recently lamented her costly divorce from husband Nick Lachey 10 years ago. The former pop star once appeared in a hit reality show
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Why infidelity hurts children as well as the spouse

When a spouse is unfaithful, it’s obviously painful to the other person in the marriage. However, infidelity can also be hurtful to the children. In fact one psychologist contends it can be one of the most harmful events that can happen to a family — perhaps second only to the death of
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What is a Marvin action?

Our readers who were around back in the 1970s may remember a case that made headlines, not to mention legal history. It also introduced the word “palimony” into the lexicon. Thanks to a 1976 California Supreme Court ruling, a woman named Michelle Triola Marvin was allowed to sue for financial support from
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Tips for Downsizing

With the high cost of real estate in California, many residents decide to downsize after a divorce. The family residence can be too costly and difficult to maintain on one income. That’s why it’s not uncommon for people to opt for an apartment or condo after they split up. A smaller residence
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Knowing the limits of marital property

When people talk about marital property, which will need to be divided when you get divorced in California, they often talk about it in a very general sense. Anything that was purchased or acquired during the marriage is marital property, no matter who bought it, who used it, or who thought of
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